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Closing Themesong Lyrics

"When You Look"

I wasn't born in plain view,
I never waited to be found.
Not in any way attached to you.
Never wanting to be bound.

I suppose that you were happy
When "fate" found us in the end,
Forced us both to face it dually,
As an enemy and friend.

But did you think about the day,
So far and yet to come,
When you'd look to me to find your way
And discover you're just one?

You never needed to confirm the fact,
I was at your side, we had a pact,
Through fire, tears, and broken lives,
For all those tortures fate contrives.
And in all that time you didn't care
To think of a time, you wouldn't dare,
When you'd look to me... and I'm not there.

I could not believe in what we did,
But I did believe in you.
With all that time, I cast my bid,
And I hoped it would prove true.

But the end would come to test us both,
And finally come to prove
That one would need to tear away
So that one could always move.

And I don't regret that chance to act,
For all the wisdom I still lacked.
Who was to say we'd win or lose
When all we did in life was choose?
How does it feel when in despair
You reach for me to ease your care?
When you look to me... and I'm not there.

The final three verses are not included in the TV/Radio-drama length version of the themesong; the version presented here is the full version.


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