Swimsuit Contest!

Ryuu/Yasha Swimsuit Competition 2003(NOW CLOSED! This is left here only for your entertainment! Please keep sending Eri-chan your work if you decide to make a suit, and she'll keep posting them on this page!):
Weíre launching the competitions page and ending the year with the Ryuu/Yasha Swimsuit contest extravaganza! The entry page can be enlarged by clicking on the image provided and you can shrink it to any size you like when youíre done playing with it. Or before. Whatever you like. Or you could let me shrink it... Regardless, this is the one competition where you send your entries to me (Eri-chan) and not to C-ko. Here are the rules:

1: Be creative!
2: The areas that I left all sketchy-unshaded-pencil are the mandatory-cover areas. No showing parts that I deliberately didnít.
3: Entries may be in Color or B&W (C-ko says extra credit for color, but B&W is cool enough in my book!)
4: Accessories are welcome! Heck, just look at my second example! BUT PLEASE do not add tattoos or piercing in places they donít exist already. I suppose if itís specifically temporary body art or clip-on jewelry, thatís ok. These will wind up being their regular comic-book bathing suits on the off chance they ever go to the beach ;).
5: Entries must be received between November 21 and January 1. No deadline bending!
6: Yes, you may change facial expressions or hair if you really want to. Heck, you can change their poses if you really feel adventurous, but mine work pretty well.
7: No fair using bathing suits out of other manga! And trust me, Iíll know if you do! (I read an embarrassing amount of manga).
8: Any paint method is valid.
9: When you submit your contest entry, you must submit it with a name (not necessarily your real name. Your internet name will be fine) and an e-mail address so I can get back to you.
10: You may submit more than one entry.
11: Voting will be done via poll in the forum, but the entries will be posted through a link on the contest page. There will be a link from that page to the forum poll. Voting will start after the entry deadline closes.

And now that Iíve ruled you to deathÖ the prizes!!!!

Second runner up: Your picture is posted in a special prize-winning slot in the extras page with a cute little honorable mention ribbon, and I will bow to you repeatedly for your wicked-|_337-awesome Skillz.

First runner up: Your picture is posted right above second runner up in the special prize-winning slot in the extras page with an even BETTER ribbon, and I will draw you a piece of black-and-white commission artwork. Just tell me what you want and Iíll draw it and even shade it for you! Just please donít be yucky in your request or itíll make me cry.

Grand Prize winner: Your picture is posted on a main comic-page day right under the comic with a great big sign that says ďRYUU/YASHA SWIMSUIT COMPETITION 2003 WINNER!Ē and it will be the permanent bathing suit design for the comic. The designs will also be featured in the Ai no Yasha calendar in the Ai no Yasha shop. Finally, Iíll draw you a fully CG-ed piece of commission art. Yup, Iíll draw whatever you like as long as itís decent, and Iíll even color and shade and background it!

The Entry Sheet:

The Examples:

The first entry from C-ko! Cute, if I do say so myself!

The second entry is from Bjarki from Quixote. I, personally, love it! It makes me feel all warm and Summer-ey.

This entry is just me playing around again! As if I didn't have enough fun with the examples! I'm a screwball. Ai no Yasha is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.