Fan Art!

This page is dedicated to Kikyou-Sama who sent us our very first fan art! Congratulations on being responsible for the color changes, and we hope to see much more of your wonderful artwork! For everyone else, we love you too, but Kikyou-Sama was first. Bjarki was a GLORIOUS second!

Ryu's Mother in Blue Sharpie!

I LOVE YOU Bjarki! This is SO amazingly awsome! *dances around the cookie* Yeay for the first fan art that wasn't drawn by my imediate family! -Eri

Brilliant fan art from our very own C-ko! YEAY for Ryuu as a leaf ninja! This, naturally, amuses me to no end. YEAY for Ai no Yasha/Naruto cross-overs!

YEAY! This pretty Ryuu pic is the one that Kaichou drew AGES ago and couldn't scan! So *I* scanned it on *Reini-chan's* scanner. It works... Anyway, I love it! Isn't it pretty?

I can't draw nearly this well... Wow. Pretiest Ryuu *I've* ever seen. This is Eri-chan's official new favorite thing in the whole universe. NEGSHIN YOU ROCK! Check out her website Redemption.

WOW! YEAY! Two fan arts in one week! This one is from Hirari-sempai, who also has sent us a wonderful wallpaper that's on the extras page ;). Isn't she wonderful???? I *sooo* love the expression on Yasha's face in this one! SEMPAI DAISUKI!

This is another brilliant gift from Negshin! WOW! I made this one my desktop background! It really captures Ryuu's warrior's spirit, and I love the intensity in her facial expression! YEAY!

OMG! I *adore* this one! Rhoda drew this for my birthday, and it's Ryuu and Yasha playing checkers on a floating table. Yasha is winning! YEAY! *huggles Rhoda* I have such wonderful friends!



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