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Also, I'm sure you've noticed a few pictures scattered around the site that are not listed here. (If you haven't, shame on you! Look at the top of the page, the Ai no Yasha main banner is one of them.) This is because the gallery is for Ai no Yasha pictures that you may not be able to find elsewhere. That, and it gives you the chance to stumble across a good one by looking around ;) -Sarai

Hi! This is Eri-chan, and I'm going to add a few things to Sarai's spiel. Starting 12/1/03, I'll be posting new art pages to the top left of the gallery. Anything before 12/1 is in alphabetical order. Also, please check out the new "fan art I've sent to people" section down at the bottom of the gallery! I've only started fan-arting recently, so there won't be too much to see, but it's fun anyway. -Eri

Fanart by Eri-chan for other people.

This is a cookie-exchange thingie I did with a couple weeks back. You can check out the return picture in the fanart gallery!

This is my most recent fanart (yes it's out of order) of Edan from TOTL, which is a seriously awsome webcomic. You should check it out.

This was my first fanart ever for soemthing that wasn't a mainstream Anime/Manga from Japan. I'm not thrilled with the artwork but the concept cracks me up. If any of you have ever read Wander, you know what I mean!

Fanart Gallery!!


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