Ok, so this all started in high school, right at the beginning of my senior year. I had only recently met Sonia, but we were together for some 4-5 hours a day because of our Japanese class, which was across town. One day on the bus, we got into a discussion about how Aino Minako on Sailor Moon really wasn't the best singer and dancer in the world. We really couldn't figure out how she won that idol contest in Sailor Stars, and we ultimately came to the conclusion that the reason she won was because she has a really cool idol-singer name! Heck, we could do that. *AND* we would have good songs. By the time we got off the bus that afternoon, we had decided that we were going to be idol singers, gosh darn it, and we would be ... AI NO YASHA! We wrote classic greats like "Giraffe Homicide," "Boku Demo Dekiru," "The Nihongo/English Jiten Song," "Sumimasen," and many others, recorded a couple to tape, devised a full-fledged CD cover, performed in the courtyard of Eldorado High School for international day, came up with more drawings of ourselves than were, strictly speaking, neccessary, and eventually decided that (because we LOVE Weiss Kreutz) we needed a radio drama. We were following the logical progression of an idol-singing career, after all, and the radio drama usually immediately procedes the anime release :) So I went to work and wrote a radio script that was voted the funniest thing I have ever written. Ore wa Omocha. That one isn't on this site. It was too large. We needed four people and ended up starting a small radio-drama-production company called "Four Girl Army" for that, and we have since recorded the first two of four scripts in that vein. So I went back to the drawing board to see if I could come up with something I could really, truly, in all actuality USE for Ai no Yasha. And I came up with... "Ai no Yasha: The Radio Script." Now I'm a sophomore at the University of Tulsa, and over winter break, I drew the first few pages of this. And now it's up, and the rest, you can see for yourself.

Now, how does C-Ko fit into this? She's the girl who made our idol dream come true! She idolized us and Ai no Yasha. And we sang. Which made us IDOL SINGERS! She knows the words to "Boku Demo Dekiru" by heart, she made the T-shirts, and now she's my partner in crime on this site! Who ever would have thought that a random conversation about Sailor Moon on the CEC bus would lead to a web-comic? I sure didn't. But I like it all the same! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy. -Eri-Chan

NEW ADDITON! Now, there came a time when I needed a webmaster. And my friend Torabisu-kun enthusiastically volunteered and got the ball rolling with the first edition of the webpage on the TU server… but *I* couldn't update that, particularly over the summer, and being dependant can chafe. So I made the Geocities and we plotted to have Torabisu-kun move us to keenspace once the year started up again, which he agreed to with great amiability and sweetheartedness… but, y'know, he's got his own life and never had the time to get around to it… moreover, none of us could figure out how to use keenspace! It was insane. I started sending my name and password to all my computer-literate friends to see if *they* could figure it out… heck, I even sent it to C-ko, and she couldn't figure it out… so one day in late summer, Sarai instant messaged me with a hyperlink… to my keenspace web address. I nearly passed out there and then! I was shocked! She'd gotten every single comic to date up before even telling me she'd figured the dang thing out! Then she backed off to let Torabisu-kun have a shot, but he's in school and had tests and stuff and didn't have the time…. So she IMed me a couple weeks later having added nearly everything else! The backgrounds, the links… it was stunning. I was in total awe. And then she came for a visit and showed me how to update! She just kept doing more and more and more until I could stand for having nobody else to webmaster this site. She truly is the goddess of FTP! YEAY for Ai no Yasha! This is going to be a wild ride -Eri-chan

As we neared the Ai no Yasha one year mark, it was painfully obvious that we were not popular. Even with over a hundred pages and over eleven months, the page still had far fewer than 3000 hits! This made Eri-chan a bit sulky… and that’s where Rei came in! We needed advertising desperately, and Rei is a well of great ideas. She volunteered to join the team as the head of advertising! She also writes rants in bulk, which makes Eri-chan very, very happy. And now we are FOUR! We’re just like the three musketeers! As it reads at the bottom of the page by the tag board ;). Here’s hoping that we can boost readership in our second year!


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