Contact Us!

Eri-chan is the person who writes and attempts to draw this comic, and she also participates in the site design when there's art involved. She's nearly always late, so if you're wondering where the post is, an e-mail would be futile. She'd fall over and twitch in shock if she ever received fan art or fan mail of the comic, but she's still probably the best person to send that sort of thing to.

C-ko is the #1 Ai no Yasha groupie, and she is in charge of merchandizing, account managing, and pretty much the entire business end of things. She also runs contests through the forum and her rants and generally does what she can to keep things fun and interesting for you, our readers. If you have merchandise requests or questions or are submitting something to a contest, she's the one to contact.

Sarai is the goddess of FTP. In other words, she is responsible for the site being here in the first place, and she keeps it up and running. If there's a problem with the site itself, she'd be the best person to contact. If you haven't a complaint, fan mail and compliments are always welcome.

Rei is the head of advertising! She's responsible for getting people out in the real world to know we exist. If she's doing a good job and you want to tell her so, she'd love to hear from you! If you have no clue this site exists or how the heck you ended up on this page, you might want to e-mail her about the problem! She would also greatly appreciate any helpful webcomic advertising hints and pointers.


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